AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – From our nation’s veterans to loved ones, many people have been laid to rest at West View Cemetery for more than 100 years. But last week Pastor Bart Grey, who was officiating a funeral, said he was shocked when he drove through the front gates.

“The weeds and it’s not been cared for,” Pastor Grey said. “The grass hasn’t been cut. The streets are all coming apart. The pavement is separating. And it made me think, it’s like the city has thrown my loved ones in the garbage.”

NewsChannel 6 took a drive to West View as well and noticed the overgrown grass and weeds too. There are also some fallen tombstones. Grey took his concerns to social media, noting it’s a perpetual care cemetery and also where his family is buried.

“A lot of people that have made hits on my page that are experiencing the same thing. A lot of people really experiencing some hurt over this,” he shared.

West View is maintained by Augusta’s Parks and Recreation Department along with Cedar Grove and Magnolia Cemeteries. A spokesperson said eight full-time maintenance employees cover all three. Adding, “The current budget for cemeteries is $859,000, which includes personnel expenses as well as funds for maintenance, utilities, vehicles, and supplies.”

It’s not all bad though, some plots looked well maintained. We even caught a crew from the jail working and cutting grass. Grey said not only does West View need to be cleaned up, but the streets need to be paved too. He plans write a letter to the commissioner over the district where the cemetery is located.