Parking solution needed for depot project


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Under the original timeline the groundbreaking on the depot project should have already taken place but there are issues facing the city, financing always with a project this size, but what might be a bigger obstacle is the parking here.

If the depot project is going to get done, the battle will be easing the concerns of commissioners at next week’s meeting.

“A great general made a statement that no decision is hard when you have all the facts I think this is why this decision has been so hard most of us have not had all the facts,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

One fact is the city is being asked to put up 12 million dollars in bonds for the project, commissioners worry that revenues from the project will not cover the bond payments, and payment will need to come from the general fund, another major hurdle is the city’s now four year old agreement with Unisys, to provide 500 parking spaces at the depot site.

“We got to solve the parking issue regardless of this or deal of any deal we’ve got to solve the parking issue and we’re working on it,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

“There’s not enough parking for Unisys.”

“The city is working on a solution for Unisys,” says Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Margaret Woodard,

“There are still some questions though.

“That would be for the city to answer,” said Woodard.

The project is calling for some parking at the depot for Unisys, but less than 200 spaces, if there’s a new solution for the city’s committment, commissioners say they haven’t seen it.

“That should have been ironed out from the front not in the middle not at the tail end of this deal that should have been ironed out at the very beginning,”:said Commissioner John Clarke.

“Has it been iron out?”

“Not to my knowledge it has not,” said Commissioner CLarke.

Now city leaders are being told at Monday’s depot meeting all questions and concerns will be answered but as one city leader said they need to be because right now there are not six votes for this project moving forward in Augusta George Eskola WJBF

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