Parking lots in downtown Augusta become places of prayer and celebration


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is scary for some. But a local radio station and many others are looking on the brighter side of things. Celebrating a praying for all of our local health care workers who are putting their lives on the line day in and day out.

“Well, those folks are obviously dealing with this virus like none of us are. I mean, they’re on the front lines,” said WAFJ 88.3 Station Manager Steve Swanson.

We are in a critical time in the CSRA. States of emergency are in effect. Many places are closed and thousands of lives have been altered because of COVID-19.

April Sather is the Morning Show Co-Host at WAFJ. She said, “We believe it’s really going to encourage them. This is really just a difficult time for so many people so we want to be there just to lift them up and to just let them know we’re thinking about them.”

WAFJ along with AU Health hosted ‘Parking Lot Prayers.’ An event where people could gather in parking lots in the Medical District to pray and have fellowship while remaining in their cars.

Swanson has been working in the radio industry for a while. He said, “I’ve never had an occasion in all my years of radio to ask people to join us at an event but to stay in your car.”

At the event, Dr. Brandon Hagopian said, “This makes it all more important to be on the front lines and just to see that people are praying and supporting those who are sick and in need. Makes it all the more easy because sometimes in this job, you have to deal with a lot.”

“Prayer moves mountains. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen miraculous things happen through prayer. We have an amazing prayer line here at WAFJ that people call all the time,” said Sather.

Bumper to bumper with the flashers on, people sang along to worship songs and listened to all the prayers. WAFJ broadcasted the event over the airways for all to listen so even if you couldn’t make it to the parking lots Wednesday you could participate anywhere. 

Genesis Church Pastor Chris Miller said, “Wherever there is need there’s an opportunity to help and support one another. And we’re all in this together and so whether you’re a Christ-follower or just checking out church, we’re in this together”

“We’re together in this thing. We’re just unable to express ourselves the way we’re accustomed to. So we’re having to adapt and try to think through how can we creatively express our thanks for the medical community. Our belief in the power of prayer that God is listening and that he’s answering our prayers and doing it together. So we try to touch on all those at the same time in a way we’ve never done it before.”

WAFJ does hope to host more of ‘Parking Lot Prayers’ events in the future as the coronavirus pandemic continues. We will keep you updated if they do.

On behalf of WJBF, thank you to all of our health care workers in the CSRA.

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