Parking deck for depot site seen as answer


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Augusta leaders saying they’ve said their last words about the depot project here in chambers lots of concerns here since the beginning many thought the city’s financial commitment was too large the developers were slow in providing necessary paper work, however he biggest issue turned out to be the city’s commitment to Unisys to provide 500 parking spots in the area.

It what’s got in the way of the planned 94 million housing and retail development at the depot, a million dollar parking lot.

“The big thing that was holding the whole project back was finding a parking solution for Unisys, that has not been done yet,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

In 2015 the city committed 500 spaces to Unisys at the depot site.

Now and some commissioners feel for the future the answer is a new parking deck to solve the Unisys committment, then work on the depot site.

“Exactly to build a parking deck make sure Unisys has what it what they need to have and then go forward,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

“It’s just not a parking deck for Unisys, I think one more parking deck on the southern end of Broad Street makes complete sense if you look at the way the parking decks are laid out if you get a parking deck that Unisys can also use that’s a bonus,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“Do we build a new parking deck and then market the property?”

“We’re not ready to move forward with that right now just with funding that’s something that’s been talked about we’ll continue to work on parking downtown,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

The Downtown Development Authority agrees parking was an issue for the depot project,as for what’s next officials say that’s not clear.

“What we do know is the city disagrees with returning the earnest money what we don’t know is the status of the project we haven’t received anything from the city so we can talk to the developer,” said Margaret Woodard, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

Next month will make five years that the Downtown Development Authority has been working on this project Margaret Woodard says right now know the city’s official position but says her organization will be holding a press conference soon, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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