Some parents hesitant to vaccinate their children


Are you uncertain of vaccinating your kids? You are not alone.

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)– It’s not only parents worried about taking the vaccine, some are hesitant to let their children take the shot.

Mom of two, Courtney Hardin, says “I just felt like with the studies and everything…they made the vaccine too quick. They don’t know the side effects and look at all the studies that are coming out with side effects and people having allergic reactions. Look at the Johnson and Johnson vaccine…it’s been horrible.”

Hardin says she’s not certain about getting her children vaccinated. She says she’s worried about the effects the shot could have.

“I mean Is it really effective? That’s my apprehension about it. Why get a vaccine and you don’t know if it’s going to work a hundred percent? So, why even put that chemical in your body if it’s not a hundred percent guaranteed to fight the virus?” says Hardin.

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation says about thirty-two percent of parents have a “wait and see” approach to getting their children vaccinated. A stark contrast is mom and educator Elise Michael.

“I, personally, would do whatever my doctor advised. I think that people have to remember that even though it feels like the scientific process has been pushed through really quickly, there’s still a scientific process that happens to make these vaccines,” says Michael.

Michael isn’t the only parent to think this way. Mom and business owner, Cheri Tutt, says she was hesitant at first but chose to vaccinate herself and her family.

“I made the best decision for me and my household but I understand some parents are weary and lot of people are too but I look at it like this…either you get the vaccine and take a chance of surviving, or you don’t get it and take a chance of dying,” says Tutt.

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