Parents concerned with SAIL Board


SAIL parents are not getting a lot of questions answered during SAIL’s financial committee meeting. From there, they went a town hall meeting run by SAIL parents. 

“They kind of threw everything back on leadership which obviously we know has let been go recently. There seems to be a lot of confusion with everybody involved with SAIL and what’s going on.”

All Bethany Gibson wanted from SAIL leadership Tuesday night was straight answers. 

“No clear answers were given, the only definite answer we got was that they will move forward with an 8th grade,” says Gibson.

Haylee Hall is in 7th grade now. She hopes there’s some type of resolution between the board and parents, so she can continue to get the education she once had. 

“We have a voice and we hear what goes on here and we hear teachers talking and it’s making it really hard for the students to concentrate,” says Hall.

Earlier in the afternoon, lots of concerned parents showed up for SAIL’s financial committee meeting,  but were discouraged because the entire board didn’t show.  Several parents asked questions, one about a consultant who’s paid $5,000 dollars by the school.

“This consultant has been with us since conception of the school so that was even before the charter was written, even before petitions were written,” says Abigail Cafee, Governing Board Chair. “This consultant has been with us. He’s worked with us for numerous years and has been under contract for numerous years.”

The school also has a consultant from the state charter school commission, a specialist who makes sure the school is in compliance as needed.

Many other questions went unanswered. That’s because of pending litigation.

SAIL fired former superintendent Kristy Zgol and asked the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office to open an investigation, alleging she altered her contract.

Now, it looks like the relationship between parents and the board hinges on a closed investigation and/or possible legal action taken by parents to get to the transparency these parents have been asking for. 

One  that came out of the meeting, SAIL will have an 8th grade. It’ll be in portables because of funding issues. 

SAIL’s full board meets on Thursday. 

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