Pandemic primary voting Tuesday


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) In a normal year this really wouldn’t be news, tomorrow is election day and people plan to vote in person of course this year is not a normal year.

Chris Brannen will not be voting in person on Tuesday, he dropped off his absentee ballot at the Municipal Building.

“Never done absentee voting before first time,” he said,

“Why did you go absentee this time?”

“I was busy moving,” Brannen said.

He’s not alone, thousands of voters moving to absentee ballots, but now the Primary, is Tuesday, and the Elections Office is ready for voting in person during a pandemic.

“We’re encouraging voters not to come during peak voting times don’t come between seven and nine or five and seven in the afternoon if you can avoid it,” says Elections Director Lynn Bailey.

Blue Carter is, she’s voting absentee, she’s normally a poll worker but she says her age and health will not let her take part Tuesday.

“I will miss it but that’s life there’s a lot of I miss, being sheltered down you got to do what you got to do,” said Carter.

Two thirds of absentee ballots have been returned, it’s too late to mail it in now,

elections officials say if you’re now voting in person bring the ballot with you.

“For those citizens who have been issued that ballot and they changed their mind and they want to vote in person just bring that ballot with you to the polls it will make things much quicker if you do have it, if you lost it or misplaced it we can still help you, it might take a little more time,” Bailey said.

There are absentee ballot drop boxes at the Municipal Building, Diamond Lakes, Brigham Center, and Warren Road, and voters will be able to use them on Tuesday.

“Yes we’ll be checking them up to seven PM when the polls close at all four locations around the city,” said Bailey.

Lynn Bailey says if you did not get an absentee ballot and plan to vote in person tomorrow bring at least two things a mask and your patience.

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