“Paine College is a proud HBCU and it’s just like coming home, you know being around– not only friends– but we get to the Paine College family,” alumnus Dr. Lester G. Jackson said.

Alumni filled the lawn at Lions Field. 

“Thing about Paine College, man, it’s all a family, and that’s the biggest part about coming back to homecoming every year. Everybody got lives, everybody got things they have going on, but we still find a way to come back and be a brother and sisterhood,” alumnus Kelvin Robinson said.

People who graduated from the institution that dates back to 18-82 told us Homecoming is about more than just gathering, it runs deep in the HBCU culture.

“We’re here to talk about our school, our history, but also talk about our culture. And Paine College has played such a great role in the Richmond County area, but not only that– but all over this country,” Dr. Jackson said.

Black Greek Letter Organizations or the Divine Nine, showed up in their colors to remind current students of what it was like when they were on the yard. 

“Every homecoming is always on jump, especially at Paine College because we always take pride in our school, take pride in our chapters, our organizations. So, whatever you see at any other given time, everything is always put to the side for us to have a real good time and enjoy each other,” alumnus Brandon Ketchup said. 

And not only is it for people to fellowship, it’s even more. 

“Those who graduated, who’ve gone on living their lives– it’s a time for them to see what’s been going on, seeing what’s new at the school. Just a time for alumni to donate– making sure the school stays afloat,” Ketchup said.

Still, the reunion is what they all look forward to most. 

“And whether or not we’ve been away for a year or 50 years, this is a family reunion of magnitude,” Dr. Jackson said.

“We just come together and have a good time, so I love my Paine College, man,” Robinson said.

“P-C one time, PC, P-C two times PC, PC, P-C three times, PC, PC, PC!,” sophomores Gabrielle Beasley and Brittney Daniel said.