AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An exciting announcement at Paine College’s convocation today. 

Students, faculty and staff ushered in the 141st year of Paine College with a celebration of last year’s success…and the introduction of a new partnership with a leading medical research institution in Georgia.

In her address, President Dr. Cheryl Evans Jones congratulated the school and spoke in detail about a five-point growth plan for Paine College.

Over the next few years, there will be an emphasis on increasing enrollment, additional scholarships, faculty development, improving student housing…and the expansion of new partnerships.

“A collaborative partnership was approved by the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission between Botanical Sciences and Paine College,” announced Dr. Jones.

In the effort of new partnerships, Paine College will work together with Botanical Sciences, a leading institution in Georgia for cannabis research focused on improving the lives of Georgians with debilitating medical conditions. 

“We’re going to have needs as a growing business in the state of Georgia,” said Gary Long, CEO of Botanical Sciences. “They have a great student population that has a lot of the needs that we’re going to have as a business- they’re going to have students who can fulfill those needs. So, I think it’s going to be a great partnership.”

Located in Glenville, Georgia, Botanical Sciences recently received one of the large Grow licenses in the state.

“I myself as a physician wanted a very medical-based company and with the new programs coming to Georgia, it was something very interesting to me,” said Dr. Robin Fowler, Founder of Botanical Sciences.

Dr. Jones remains hopeful for the student opportunities. 

“And I’m hoping that this opportunity will allow them to be able to explore this area of research that will be meaningful for Botanical Sciences as well as for our students,” said Dr. Jones.

“Extra excited because this is such a unique relationship that exists between Botanical Sciences and Paine College. We’re very excited,” said Dr. Fowler. 

Dr. Jones tells me that, while there are still some details being worked out, she is excited to finally announce the partnership and looks forward to its possibilities.