AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Paceline and the Georgia Cancer Center are celebrating a job well done.

A check presentation was held Thursday, December 16 – the check representing how much money was raised during the year, culminating in the PaceDay 2021 event. The amount being over three hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

“We are very optimistic about further improvements in treatments and ultimately cures, and I think many of the researchers here and many more will be given the funds that they need to get critical projects off the ground,” said President of Paceline Martyn Jones.

The donation will be used to further basic science research projects at the Cancer Center.

“The research that we’re conducting at the Georgia Cancer Center, we have our investigators doing very high level research, some new discoveries, new advances, bu it is very important to have these additional funds,” said Director of the Georgia Cancer Center, Jorge Cortes.

Paceline is a movement of communities and organizations striving toward a common goal: preventing, fighting, and eradicating cancer.