Overgrown grass a pain for city leaders but more mowing is costly


 It is and was expected to be the most visible evidence of the benefits of the storm water program the cutting and maintaining of the of city right of way but for many city leaders what’s going on right now just isn’t cutting it. 

For many Augusta leaders there’s a pain in the grass, they say over grown roadsides generate a lot of taxpayer complaints. 
 “We receive phone calls every week about the condition of our roads and right of ways so when we get the calls the constituents also say we’re paying a storm water fee why do the roads look so bad,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Augusta is using two  point one million dollars to in  stormwater fee’s to pay contractors  to cut grass along side city right of ways

 “I think it could be very useful if we constructed it in a better way then the way it is now you see people with lawn mowers up and down the road but it seems like we’re not getting anywhere,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

 Miles of right of way are being mowed with a current scheduled calling for these areas to be cut  four times per year, every other month from March to September. 

 “That should be obvious to the ones who are scheduling this we need to come up with a better way we don’t need to skip a month between cuttings especially during the growing season,” says Commissioner Garrett. 

Engineers  would like to add  a mid April and mid October  mow but another one point two million dollars would be needed and they say that would have to come next year so budgets could be adjusted. 

“The fees that we’re paying for mile is extraordinary so I think that’s an area we really need to address I’m hoping we can add at least one more round of cutting this year,” says Garrett. 

 Miles and miles of city right of way are being cut thanks to the Storm water program but for many city leaders they would like to see more action along the sides of the road in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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