Augusta, GA. (WJBF) – On Highway 88 in Hephzibah right there at mile marker ten is where it didn’t happen.

“Well it’s kind of historical and I think it was worth it for them to do the road like that. It didn’t take too much,” said Clarence Campbell.

Right there where the highway takes a little juke stands the big oak, but back in the early 90’s it was a big problem..

“They were widening the road and they wanted to tear the tree down to make the road wider,” said Tony Adams.

But Hephzibah saved it.

“I didn’t really fight for it but I was hoping it would stay, because like I say there’s no reason to tear that big ole tree down,” said Ralph Graham.

You know Hephzibah’s fight to save the big oak, it’s an important part of it’s history. It’s folklore, a story that needs to be past down from generation to generation. Everybody knows the tree fight, right?

“If I asked some younger person on the street you think they would know the story?”

“They might not,” said Ralph.

Come on, it was one of Hephzibah’s finest hours.

“I think I’ve heard about it here and there,” said James Young.

“But not sure?”

“No sir,” said James.

We’re talking the big oak here.

“Mmm I think lets see,” said Sean Maddox, who does live in Harlem

Big oak, the story of the big oak.”
“I have no idea,” said Sean.

Come on it’s still standing because the people rallied around the oak, but is that spirt still alive in Hephzibah today.

“Would you have fought to save the oak in 92?”

“To be honest I probably wouldn’t have been too involved,” said James.

I”t’s a part of the city’s history.

But thanks to the past here they still have it made in the shade

Out There Somewhere in Hephzibah George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.