Out There…Somewhere: This is no ‘time-to-relax-fishing’


(WJBF) – For David McClain, it’s the perfect way to spend the day: fishing at Lock and Dam…

“I love coming out here. I’ve been coming out here for 25 years. I just love to come out here and relax and fish,” said Davis.

David has his reasons for fishing these waters…

‘To eat. I love to eat them,” he said.

“But there could be another fish in these waters to get the anglers angry…a surely sinister specimen: the snakehead fish.

“The snakehead fish,” said Davis.

Yes the snakehead fish. The first one has been found in Georgia. The state putting fisher people on notice, if they catch it…kill it, freeze it and take some pictures of it and report it.

Mary and Henry were fishing the Brickyard Ponds, now they’re facing orders to take out any snakeheads they come across.

Do you want this extra responsibility? You’re fishing…

“No I don’t. All I want to do is relax,” said Mary.

The state has anglers on high snakehead alert, but Mary and Henry are not panicking.

Preparing like a fire drill…snakehead drill

“No sir, really not,” said Henry.

But David will act if a Savannah River snakehead hits his line.

“Yes I got a machete and ice in my cooler,” he said

“So you’re ready.”

“I’m prepared,”

The snakehead…this is really no time to relax.

Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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