“Out There…Somewhere”: Shades of gray; college colors at AU


This is the day they say how you should be clad on campus. National College Colors Day. 

“I didn’t know it was that day today,” said student Hannah Kramer. 

“Well I’m not doing too well then,” said student Christopher Shelp. 

National College Colors Day. Pretty exciting. Get to show your school spirit by wearing the colors at Augusta University. Well, what are you wearing?

“Augusta University is Augusta blue and Augusta gray,” said Aubrey Hickson an AVP of  Marketing at Augusta University. 

And the website also says white so that’s okay. So how color coordinated are AU students?

“They’re the blue and gray for the Jaguars,” said student Linn Groombridge

“Navy, white and gray. That is usually the colors that we used.” said Natalie Bien-Aime, who happens to be a cheerleader 

We’ll give it too you, that’s close enough.

“Gray Navy Blue, and white,” said another student 

“Oh you got it.” 

“Blue and white,” and Reeya Patel.


“And, and…?” said Reeya looking for help,

Yes Augusta Gray seems to be the color that doesn’t make the biggest splash.  

“Nobody knows the gray.”

“Right,” said Hickson. 

“Blue and white, like navy blue and white,” said Christopher.

“And one more.”

“Black,” he grasped. 

“I think it’s just white and blue,” said Ashleigh Holmes.

“I think one more.”


Hey AU, the colors are Augusta Blue and Augusta Gray. 

“Incidentally I’m wearing those colors,” said Linn.

“And you made your hair blue, yes, for National College Colors day?”

“I guess you can say that,” said Linn. 

And you wear it well AU, Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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