Out There…Somewhere: Mailing in public art


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – This will be big for Augusta. One of two models will be the first city’s big gateway sculpture. It’s public art and that’s something to see and think about.

Now most part of Augusta, especially rural Augusta, are not in line for any giant sculptures. That doesn’t mean public art is just passing by…when it comes to public art, the people here mail it in.

Lots of mail boxes in these parts of Augusta, most are just mail boxes. But some have been transformed to create public art, you got to love it.

Here’s an unusual artistic touch: a mail box as a motorcycle,

And this mail box is an old race car where the road has been replaced by a rose bush.

And check out this reddy kilowatt looking mail box. This sculpture waves as traffic passes by.

Soooooo It’s a Singer, on a mail box.

But lets flipper the switch and find a real fun piece of mail box art. It’s a dolphin holding a tropical scene mail box.

This is Gloria Sloan’s art piece she she and her husband bought the dolphin in FLorida she was fully committed.

“We had it on the back of a car on a little trailer, we had to take it into the motel room that night we were afraid somebody would steal it so we hauled it into the motel room and it came all the way home with us.”

Pretty cool Mailbox public art. Hey it always delivers out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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