“Out There…Somewhere”: City cyber campers battle robots


It wasn’t arts and crafts for these Augusta campers, it was battling robots. 

“That’s right, battling robots, George. The students have been working on robots this entire week. They built their actual robots and then they compete against one another,” said Information and Technology Director Tameka Allen. 

It was a robot sumo tournament, a lot of tension in the room. 

“Yes I’ve very nervous,” said Guy Quattlebaum one of the Cyber Campers. 

The battling robots  were coded  by these  campers to  knock  the other campers robot out of the ring, but the other robots are also coded with a robot battle plan  so nothing is  for certain. 

“It has a good chance of winning but it also has a good chance of losing,” said Xavier Barrett another camper. 

“You never know who’s going to win, then some one wins and its supper exciting,” said Guy. 

But with  all this robot excitement, things here could easily get out of control.

“You created what a battling robot here?”

“I did but it doesn’t really listen to me,” said camper Heaven Pencille. 

“So your robot could have a mind of its own, start destroying the city of Augusta?”

She nodded yes.

Sure the campers are learning about coding and stuff, but who cares, I want to see fighting robots with fire and stuff!

“Is there any chance something will catch on fire or explode?”

“No it’s not like battle bots,” said Trinity Pencille,

“Oh too bad.”

“Yeah,” she said. 

“Firing lasers anything like that?”

“No they do not have laser capabilities,” said Guy.

But robot sumo challenged all the capabilities of these happy campers, they’re all winners even without any fire or lasers…out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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