AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s Hunger Action Day here in Augusta, and across the rest of the nation.

“Our purpose is to feed the human spirit– that’s literally as well as figuratively. So, to be able to address hunger in the communities is very fulfilling for us,” Regional Head of Corporate Affairs Felix Turner said.

With the help of the six Kroger stores in the Augusta area, shoppers can use the Round-Up program which gives them the choice to round their purchase to the nearest dollar– with the extra money going to a good cause.

“Or you can, designate certain dollar amounts. A dollar, five dollars, or 10 dollars. All that money, this particular month will stay local and help end hunger,” Turner said.

The Golden Harvest Food Bank, Feeding America’s local food bank participant has worked alongside Kroger to make sure work was getting done. 

“It’s not just a month for us. It’s every month of the year, but this month is really one we can just highlight. A lot of our employees wore orange– that’s just the color of hunger,” Vice President of Marketing at Golden Harvest Abby Muehlfeld said.

$25,000 was donated by Kroger to Golden Harvest for their service in the community and the work they continue to do.

“We see lines of cars at our distributions with people that are just so grateful, and just trying to make ends meet, and especially right now with inflation the way it is, it’s been really, really hard on a lot of families and everybody’s feeling it,” Muehlfeld said.

Turner says they’ve created a “zero hunger, zero waste” impact plan in 2017, which is just another way to target the issue.

“Aims to end hunger and eliminate waste in the communities that we serve, by 2025,” Turner said.

He also says the company plans on donating three billion meals by 2025 as well and representatives at Golden Harvest say their push for excess resources is vital.

“It could be someone that your kid sits next to in class, it could be a neighbor. Really, any of us can be in that situation,” Muehlfeld said.

If you’d like to donate please visit your local Kroger and donate at the end of your purchase. You can also visit Golden Harvest to donate as well.