AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The American Red Cross and Shishkebab Turkish Restaurant are helping and urging people to send donations to Turkey and Syria after a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks destroyed large parts of the countries on Monday. 

The Red Cross tells NewsChannel 6 that, so far, it’s only been asked to provide financial assistance.

“So people who would like to assist can donate through the red cross, simply by writing a check and putting ‘Turkey earthquakes’ in the memo line, and sending it to their local chapter or the national Red Cross in Washington, D.C.,” said Susan Everitt, the Executive Director for American Red Cross of East Central Georgia.

Blood donations might be needed in the future. 

“Any additional blood that we may have left in the United States, that may be sent over,” she said.

The Red Cross may also be asked to help family members find each other.

“That’s a program that the American Red Cross does, where we can help locate and connect families who’ve been separated by disasters or other things like war or conflict,” Everitt said.

She said they also need tents, blankets, sleeping bags and other things to keep warm.

“So if you wanna buy a sleeping bag and send it to Washington, D.C., they’re partnering with Turkey Air and sending them to Turkey,” she said.

Turkish workers at Shishkebab tell us they hate to see people in their home countries going through this, and they hope more people here will help out.

“I hope that people can help them,” said Yasin Kilanc, who works at Shishkebab Restaurant. “Because if people don’t help them, right now it’s I think winter – my country’s winter – and it’s cold. If you don’t have help, it’s gonna be freezing, and you’re gonna die. So terrible.”

The Red Cross said it needs all the donations it can get, because many of the survivors are without shelter in freezing weather. To donate, click here. To find out more information about how you can help, click here.