One man is making the journey from Miami Beach to San Francisco on a scooter for a good cause.

Matt Schneider is a four-time kidney transplant recipient. He is currently making his way across America on a scooter advocating for organ donation.

Schneider made a stop at Augusta University where he got the chance to reunite with one of his doctors who is a bone marrow transplant recipient, Dr. Carlos Zayas.

“Matt does so much work for people with kidneys particularly young people and children. Just the difference you can make in peoples’ lives is enough,” said Dr. Zayas.

Schneider added, “Hopefully, someone will get a kidney or a liver or a heart because of what I’m doing and maybe someone will see this especially hearing about my family and knowing they can be a living donor and maybe someone will want to give a kidney to someone else and help that person get off dialysis and live a healthy life.”

To learn more about Schneider’s cause ‘Scooting4Donors,’ click or tap here.