THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF) – Several people with different backgrounds have formed a group to bring the people of Thomson together.

“One Thomson is a group of folks that got together after an event we had that was focused on the Ahmaud Arbery situation down in Brunswick and that community really took that event and something that could have torn them apart, brought them together, and we wanted to bring that to our community because we realized that we could improve on our race relations,” said One Thomson member, Andy Knox.

“I think most everyone knows that this is an area that we need to work on, that we haven’t had an opportunity to really do that, and we haven’t had a lot of organization around that and I think this is an opportunity for us to be intentional about our efforts,” said member, Ashley Morey.

“One Thomson is about having unity amongst each other: black, white, male, female. It’s about showing love and having compassion for each other,” said member, Winston Grier.

“It’s about making sure that we get together in a room and talk to each other, share with each other, don’t get our feelings hurt with each other,” said member, Jay Poston.

“No matter what background you come from, what side of the railroad track you live on, no matter if you’re a part of the ‘have’ class or the ‘have not’ class, when it’s One Thomson we mean everybody,” said member, Anita Cummings.

One Thomson’s mission is to bring people together and it’ll be doing just that at its next big event.

“Fill the Brickyard event came up and we were looking for the next event and what made the most sense and we were all sitting around the table and the first football game which is the most desegregated time in McDuffie County is when we all go to football games on Friday nights and attendance has been poor the last couple of years, so we felt like it was very appropriate to refill the Brickyard,” said Knox.

The community has been standing behind One Thomson since its formation.

“Any time I’ve mentioned it to people, whether it’s about One Thomson or filling the Brickyard, they want to be a part of that,” said Poston.

One Thomson wants to make the Fill the Brickyard event one like no other and it’s clear that One Thomson is here to stay.

“We want everyone to come together not just for this one event, but we hope that it will be something ongoing at every game,” said Grier.

“I hope we run out of seats and I hope it just gives everyone a chance to just be with each other,” said Knox.
“Even when football is over and when football has ended, One Thomson will still remain,” said Cummings.

Thomson’s big game is happening this Friday, August 19th, and will be against the Burke County Bears.