One person injured in Edgefield shooting


“I ask them what was happening, they said they shooting up there. They shooting up there.”

Investigators say there was a crowd of about 200 people Saturday night when the shooting happened on friendly drive. We spoke to a neighbor who did not want to go on camera. He says the event was a graduation party that got out of control.

“I see a dozen of them, like 20 or 30 of the running towards me all at one time.”

We spoke to the victims mother over the phone, and she asked us not to share a picture of her daughter who is 19 years old. She says her daughter has had two surgeries after a bullet hit her side. It is possible that she will have to live with the bullet lodged in her spinal area. It’s unclear at this point if she’ll walk in the future. 

“They nice people they my neighbors, I like them. I hate that happened to them.”

Others who live in the area say this is the first time something like this happened here. 

“It’s shock but it’s not really like an “OMG” moment because it can happen anywhere…like right here so it’s just something to think about,” says Tyasia Burton who lives in the neighborhood. 

Graduation is supposed to be a celebration. This family, now lives with the dark memories of what happened at this party. 

“I hope this doesn’t worry my neighbor to death because it’s just awful… they were trying to do something nice.”

The investigation continues as this is an active case. Investigators say they are looking for multiple suspects.

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