More information is being released after an incident inside the Augusta University Emergency Room.

According to the official report obtained by NewsChannel 6, Augusta University Police responded to a call for help after reports of a person with a gun. 

When officers arrived, they say they found a man fitting the suspect description standing next to a car in the patient pick up and drop off area.  After ordering the man and the woman he was with to the ground, officers identified him as Shane Levy. 

Officers, looking at security footage, say they observed Levy entering the emergency room with a mask over his face and carrying a black and silver handgun.  Shortly after entering the ER, officer say Levy and a woman left the department with a woman and returned to his vehicle.

Levy told officers on the scene he does not remember entering the ER with the gun or with a mask covering his face. Witnesses told officers they saw Levy enter the waiting room area with the BB gun.

Levy was arrested and charged with making terroristic acts and threats as well as aggravated assault. It was confirmed the gun in Levy’s possession was a BB gun and it has been retained in evidence as the investigation continues.  Levy is currently in jail at the Webster Detention Center.