AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Several people were injured after a collision Wednesday night near T.W. Josey High School.

It was right at the intersection of Eagle Way and Olive Road when a driver hit a bicyclist. After a prayer group formed around him, another vehicle hit that group.

“That car just came out of nowhere, that’s why we don’t understand, how did you not see the chaos,” witness Lashawn Vines said.

Family members tell us 52-year-old Rico Dorsey is the man who was found laid out on the pavement. 

“He was actually laying that way. So, when the guy came in– the van came in– I didn’t even see his legs anymore, so I don’t even know what happened,” Vines said.

Lashawn Vines was a part of the prayer circle Wednesday night. 

“I literally– a millisecond– jumped out of the way.”

She described the scene as active and hands on.

“At one point in time he had stopped breathing, so when he stopped breathing, that’s when she laid her hands on him and when she laid her hands on him the next person laid their hands and then we just systematically laid our hands on top,” Vines said.

After the first incident, Vines mentioned the man stayed to help.

“We saw him take a deep breath and next thing we now– I hear people, in the background as she’s praying, I hear people in the background yelling ‘no, no,’ waving their hands ‘no, no,’ and the van just comes in, plows in and just hits,” Vines said.

Dorsey’s father, Frank Dorsey told NewsChannel 6 his son remains in the hospital in critical condition. 

“He gotta go through quite a few surgeries and one of the ladies said that he might– since he messed his spine up– that he might end up being paralyzed,” Frank Dorsey said.

Rico works at the Medical College of Georgia and is familiar with the area where the incident took place. 

What he’ll usually do after he gets off work, he’ll go home and change his clothes and then he’ll ride his bike to go see his baby, he has a two-year old baby,” Frank Dorsey said.

Lashaun Vines says value each day you have because she knows she could’ve been one of the people laying on the ground.