One man dead from fatal fire in his Warren County home


When firefighters arrived to this home, they found the body of a man inside. Tonight, they are still working on what exactly caused this fire.

“On the way to work at 6:10 I saw a lot of smoke and when I came by the house, there were flames coming out of the window,” says Cathe Basurto, Neighbor of Victim.

The fire broke out this morning burning the inside of this home on Ansley Road in Warren County. A man identified as 65-year-old David Charles Atkins was found dead.

You can see the boarded up window that neighbors had to break into to get to the victim. A neighbor said she saw smoke and called 911.

“I called 911 for the fire department and called for help and my husband and brother came. We broke some windows out, because he is a deaf-mute,” says Cathe Basurto. 

Warren County’s Sheriff’s along with fire marshals rushed to the scene and called investigators from the GBI for assistance in the investigation. 

“We sent agents and crime scene specialist to the scene, they conducted their investigation thus far. There’s nothing at this point to make us feel that anything suspicious or foul play is involved in the incident,” says Pat Morgan, GBI Special Agent. 

Charles was found inside of a bedroom. Family members and neighbors were still shaken up by the incident. 

“One thing about Charles he loved his little dog, so we saw him half way under the bed trying to get the dog, so the smoke insulation probably got him,” says Cathe Basurto. 

GBI Special Agent, Pat Morgan tells us an autopsy is scheduled in the atlanta crime lab. He mentioned that it wasn’t unusal for GBI to receive a call for help. 

“It’s not uncommon for GBI to be requested in a smaller counties in the area. They don’t have the resources. Let’s say there was a Richmond County or Columbia County in this particular area who has probably just as many resources as we do in this office to work those type of cases.” says Patt Morgan. 

Newschannel 6 will look more into this investigation and when more information is available, we will bring it to you. 

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