Old Castleberry building raises concerns


Augusta leaders are taking steps to get an an old Augusta Manufacturing building cleaned up. 

Commissioners are complaining about the appearance of the old Castleberry’s plant on 15th Street. 

There are several code violations prompting city officials to meet with the owners who say the building is for sale or lease. 

Officials say letters have gone out telling the owners that the building needs to be fixed up while they want for a buyer. 

“What they found is this building has more issues than what was anticipated, so this time what we’re going to push them to do is secure it and make it appear from the outside that it is ready to be occupied. It will not be ready to be occupied until they find a new tenant to go in,” said Planning and Development Director Rob Sherman. 

City officials say some of the structures on the property have been purchased by the state.

Those will be torn down to make way for the 15th Street widening project. 

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