NWS determines EF2 Tornado leaves property damages in Columbia County


Parts of Columbia County, including residential and public areas, was hit hard by storms.

A tornado hit neighborhoods in William Few Parkway, Berekeley Hills, and Deerwood, as well as Gibbs road, downing trees and powerlines and damaging roofs.

Homeowner, Wayne Fulcher, says “by the time we figured out what was going on it died just as quick as it came.”

Fulcher was just watching television when, what the National Weather Service determined to be an EF2 tornado,hit parts of Columbia County.

“Next thing we start seeing is our patio furniture flying through the air and trees falling and shingles just scattered throughout,” Fulcher says.

Roofs of homes were destroyed, and for Andy Howell, winds were so strong, 13 of his trees toppled over.

“We all ran to the basement, and I could see things flying around. So, we lost part of the house and probably all of the trees in the backyard,” says Howell.

That’s when Columbia County’s Emergency Services stepped in for relief efforts.

Columbia County’s EMA Director, Andrew Leanza, says, “as the calls came in, 911 dispatched them to roads and bridges, had multiple crews out ready for things, you know, chainsaws fired up ready to go.”

So, now homeowners are wondering…how do they move forward?

“If you see any damage, call your insurance company. If you have any questions, you can always call 311 and they can direct you to the right department,” says Leanza.

Columbia County’s EMA Director says they did not have any requests for outside assistance and were fortunate they were prepared.

“We’ve already got a construction company that is coming out today and are going to dry it in…get some temporary framing to wrap the house. And after that we will just stay in a hotel, and I’m hearing 6-8 weeks…hopefully,” says Howell.

Although it might take weeks for recovery, officials reported that no one was injured.

“As far as we know, no one on our street got hurt. And everythihng is else is just stuff that can be replaced. So, we’re very fortunate,” says Fulcher.

Leanza says if you see any debris overhead, or in the road, as well as trees about to topple over, please reach out to 911 or 311 for immediate assistance.

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