Number of children in Georgia foster care rises, now at 14,000


Many of you reached out to us on social media after the story on the need for foster homes in the area.  

From personal experiences to questions on how you can help.

We spoke with two families about what their experiences are being foster families.

“I have brothers and sisters, I wouldn’t want to be split up,” said Krysta Newsome. “I talked to my husband, and it took us 20 minutes to say yes we want to foster.”

There are thousands of kids without a home. An expert for Foster Care Institute told NewsChannel 6, in the past two years the number of children in Georgia foster care has spiked from 7,000 to 14,000.

Dr. John DeGarmo says this is due to either child neglect or the opioid crisis. Which Krysta Newsome says is true. 

“It’s not the kids’ fault they are in their situation,” explained Newsome.

Newsome has been a foster parent for about a year now. She is fostering four kids that are brothers and sisters after they were separated across county lines.

The foster parent of four told us, it is a hefty commitment, but the decision to foster is solely yours after you understand the responsibility. 

“Don’t listen to what other people say,” said Newsome. “Find out yourself, that’s what I had to do. I had to find out myself, and we love it. We will never close our doors to kids.”

NewsChannel 6 got a lot of feedback from you. Some people want to help, and others are on the fence about fostering.

Telerra Adams says you are these kids support system while they are going through this hard time.

“You have to come into it with the mindset, that you are helping children,” said Adams. “Not that you’re trying to become an instant parent, because they already have them. But in that time frame, I’m that help parent that will help you along until your parents can get themselves together or you can go back home.”

The 11-year-foster-parent who has fostered more than 50 kids over the years added, you’re helping children in need, but you’re also helping the parents too.

“I love watching them grow, going through school,” explained Adams. “I love watching the parents see their kids thriving while they are trying to get their selves together, knowing their kids are okay.”

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or want to become a volunteer; the Georgia Mentor program is hosting an open house at its Augusta office on Columbia Road this Saturday. 

You can also reach Georgia Mentor via phone at (706) 868 – 5268 for more information.

Or click here to visit the website.

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