AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A woman injured from a jet blast at Augusta Regional Airport remains hopeful after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a preliminary report on the incident and surveillance video that previously, they said, was not available to them.

NewsChannel 6 obtained video from Suzanne Valliere of the incident.

She claims she was hurt when she was boarding a private jet back in October, saying that as a result, she received more than 70 skull staples after an operation to stop bleeding on her brain.

The NTSB reports the airport and the corresponding terminal, referenced in the report as the FOB, or “fixed based operator,” where the airplanes were both parked had a protocol for aircraft being marshalled in to the taxiway, but that there was not any for aircraft exiting the parking area.

The Valliere family told us this exonerates Suzanne from a claim that she was chasing the plane and partly at fault.

The FAA told us this initial report does not assign blame to any party involved, but what it does do is note times of arrival and departure for both of the aircraft, corresponding airport procedure and whether or not certain protocols were in place, at the time.

Initially, WJBF was told it could be up to a year before a full report was released.

Our interview with the family several weeks ago, where they expressed their desire to see the surveillance video and stated that they’d not been allowed to yet, can be found here.