Not all happy with ousting of Administrator and Attorney


Commissioner Dennis Williams says  it’s bad for Augusta, the City Administrator is gone. 

“I think it was a disservice to the community especially with our administrator the administrator has done a good job,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

After a legal session Tuesday commissioners voting to accept the resignations of the City Administrator Janice Jackson, and City Attorney Andrew MacKenzie.

“If it was my decision,I would have said let’s have discussions let’s give some time for improvements on some certain areas of their positions,” says Commissioner Mary Davis. 

The vote was nine to zero to accept the resignations but after a show of hands in the legal session  a majority of the commission indicated they wanted Jackson and Mackenzie out. 

“There was a vote to terminate the two individuals one vote was six to four,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Supporters saying it was time for a change at the top. 

“Look at some of the leadership aspects you look at the number of department heads we have gone through under her tenure other issues where I felt there should have been some communications,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom. 

 The two will get 12 months severance pay, while the commission looks for replacements, who will also eventually get paid. 

 “That’s correct, said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“Is that too much?” 

“I don’t think so,” said Garrett.

How come”

“I think in the long run it will be better for Augusta,” said Commissioner Garrett. 

Commissioner Davis says before a new administrator and attorney are hired she wants to see the commission come up with an evaluation process for both  positions something she says was missing this time. 

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