North Augusta’s Riverside Park project exceeds budget expectations


Plans to build a park on the property besides the SRP baseball field in North Augusta have been underway for quite some time, but there are now budget concerns.

The plans for Riverside Park date back to 2014 when SRP Park was also in the works.

Director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, Rick Meyer,  is now asking the Council for some guidance.

Meyer says the park has all of the “bells and whistles.”

“It’s a park designed for approximately 600 people. It’s a park designed where people can go eat lunch in an ampitheatre setting. It can do small concerts. the park designed had a small splash pad in the middle, so it had a water fountain feature,” says Meyers.

However, bells and whistles come at a cost.

“We’re a bit over budget, and uh, more than a bit,” says Meyer.

More than a bit means double the number North Augusta had planned to spend for Riverside Park.

“The budget we had is approximately about 1.4 million,” says Meyer, “the bids came in at about 3.2.”

That’s 3.2 million dollars. The Council can make some deletions to the design and re-evaluate or find a way for more funding.

Even with SRP Park right next to it, some council members still see the local benefit, of including the entire design.

Mayor Bob Petit listened to the plans at the Study Session. He says it’s “an opportunity for people to sit down and relax, maybe have weekend art shows, or you know, multi-use facility.”

Certain things Meyers says can be reconsidered are the “big money items.” One of those items being the splash pad.

“We’re trying to do something that touches not just adults, but your kids, and that’s where the splash pad you know was designed into it,” says Meyer.

At the study session, some Council members seemed skeptical when they heard the numbers, while others were on board.

“Do you want to go in and do a value engineering process? Do you want to seek additional funding? Do you want to lay the project? Just looking for direction. Where do they want us to go?” says Meyer.

The Council is re-evaluating what they will do with the budget until further notice, but they did discuss lowering the current 3.2 million dollar plans.

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