AUGUSTA, G. (WJBF)- “At school, as it’s harder for me to play sports and stuff so it’s hard for me to make more friends because you know you can’t run because you have a disability and stuff but I’ve made a great group of friends I sit with them at lunch we hang out They’re all sad that I’m leaving but they’re all very encouraging,” said Paris Marchant, receiving lung transplant.

Paris Marchant is a student at Augusta Christian receiving a lung transplant she waited on for years. 

Just an infant, she caught the flu, causing damage to her lungs.

 Throughout many tests and procedures, she will finally travel to St. Louis, Missouri, for the surgery.

“Christmas time last year he came back and told us that he felt like she met the requirements for a lung transplant and sent her information to Pittsburgh and to St. Louis because those are the only two places that do children’s long transplants in the United States,” said Amy Marchant, mother.

Marchant says it’s been a journey getting to this point.

“We have visited St. Louis a couple of times for the trial process to see if we needed to come or not and they wanted us to come in February at the latest,” said Marchant.

And for her mother, it’s a miracle.

“She’s God’s child, she’s always been God’s child and souls he’s giving me another 14 beautiful years with her that probably shouldn’t have had because she was so sick,“ said Amy Marchant.

The family hopes people will follow Paris’s journey and learn about the damage flu may cause to children.

“The flu it can be deadly for children obviously its life altering for her she did get her flu shot and it probably kept her from getting sicker than what she was, so I highly encourage people to do their flu shot because this is a lifelong change she’ll have to take immunosuppressants for the rest of her life,” said Amy Marchant.

Paris is expected to arrive in St. Louis for her transplant mid-January.