North Augusta prepares high school students by teaching them financial literacy


April is financial literacy  month and ramsey solutions is committed to helping people regain control of their money and build wealth by addressing it first-hand in the classroom. 

Here at north augusta high school students are learning the skills
they need to take beyond the classroom.

“I didn’t think that being in high school it was necessary to even think about my financial future.”
until now. Isabella O’neal is a senior at north augusta high school. o’neal who wants to pursue a career as a nurse. she says thanks to Lynda Oswald’s financial literacy class she’s been more aware about how and what she spends her money on.

“That is the joy my reason for teaching this subject is that these students I hope will learn things they can use throughout the rest of their life actually.”

North Augusta is one of four high schools in the area that offers the class.
Oswald says students stay engaged when you speak their language.

“we have video which keeps them very interested and involve in this digital world and after each video they are given a formative quiz.”

Students responded differently to the way these lessons take place. It requires them to reflect on things and it puzzles their brain. 

“well if I don’t need a credit score to rent an apartment or anything then why not just pay with my own money that I earn.”

Keeping in mind the valued of saving,spending and giving money.

Top three things learned in class today pay cash for you car, pay cash for college and have at least $500 saved up in your emergency fund. 

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