North Augusta Planning Commission votes against the City’s text amendment request


The Planning comission was skeptical and the citizens were angry…

North Augusta resident, Chip Burnett, says, “I suggest to you respectfully that you do not to approve the request for the text amendment in your recommendation to the city council.”

The city is asking to build on land in areas around main roads.

City Administrator, Todd Glover, says, “we need the development code to be more adaptable to what the city has.”

With the development code to follow, the city wants to be removed from the overlay standards beginning with a fire station.

 “The neighborhood preservation overlay says you can’t have a footprint of a building larger than 3,000 square feet. Well, how can you build a fire station thats smaller than 3,000 sq. ft.,” says Glover.

This new amendment only applies to service facilities, not private sectors.

“We’re not building a home, we’re not building a store, we’re not building drive thru fast food restaurants. We’re uilding firestations, we’re building water tanks,” says Glover.

Buiding on already established land raises concerns for homeowners.

North Augusta resident, Ken Powell, says, “The neighborhood preservation overlay district is established to preserve and protect the residential neighborhoods.”

Glover says the current rules would be selling the public short on what tehy could have.

“We don’t want to build a fire station that complies with some zoning regulation, that is compliant but not effective,” says Glover.

The Planning Commission voted two in favor, and four against the amendment.

The vote goes straight to the council for final say, but the next council meeting is an election. Two potentially three new seats might change the final vote.

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