NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – A local non-profit is looking to improve the quality of life in North Augusta by revitalizing the city’s downtown.

Right now, there are many opportunities in North Augusta.

Avery Spears-Mahoney, North Augusta Forward Director said, “We love what we have and we just want to build on that.”

Not long ago, North Augusta Forward, an economic development group, presented a streetscape amenities plan to the city council. 

“That’s just adding benches and trash cans and amenities to the sidewalks. So when people are using downtown and experiencing downtown they have those amenities,” said Spears-Mahoney.

Spears-Mahoney says her group is also hoping to assist in bringing more eateries to downtown North Augusta.

“The roadmap indicates that we have, through their market analysis, indicates that we have the opportunity for additional restaurants in downtown so that might be fast-casual restaurants, full-service restaurants, even a food hall concept was suggested,” she said

Proposed developments don’t stop at food in South Carolina’s riverfront. There are also chances for shops to put down roots in downtown according to Spears-Mahoney.

She added, “We have really strong businesses and great business owners in downtown but they see benefit to having additional businesses here to support them as well.”

North Augusta Forward is working with North Augusta leaders to figure out grant opportunities for entrepreneurs.