North Augusta Mayor-elect Williams ready to get to work


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Mayor-elect Briton Williams is ready to serve South Carolina’s riverfront.

He said, “It’s a new day. It’s a fresh start and I’m excited about working with this community. People want to be a live, work, and play. They want to be able to have greenspace. They want walkability. They want to able to go to a brewery, a restaurant, a shop and we are going to work to build that downtown destination in North Augusta.”

Williams defeated Richard Adams in Tuesday’s mayoral race. Williams earned nearly two-thirds of the vote.

“Richard Adams got people excited for the first time to involved in an election. That’s what we want. We want more people involved. However that looks, it doesn’t matter,” said Williams.

Voter Darrell Blocker said, “There are no losers.”

“Absolutely, I totally agree. Everybody put up a good fight. I love it. Now we got to unite,” added voter Charlie Hogan.

“That’s right,” affirmed Blocker.

Williams says he and Adams agree on getting younger voters involved in local politics and hopes to work with Adams down the road.

“I’m going to start doing a month vlog where basically it’s a cliff notes version of what we’re doing with city council every month. So we’re going to use social media I think that attracts people,” explained Williams.

The mayor-elect is also setting his sights on boosting tourism and he believes a way to do that is to connect the North Augusta Greeneway to downtown. Williams also proposes to hold city-led study sessions on Monday nights that are not city council meeting nights.

He said, “That’s going to allow us to review the agenda. That’s going to allow us to make changes and then be able to get that information out to citizens before the next city council meeting. But what that’s really going to do Wes, it’s going to allow us to have conversations about big issues, about long-term planning.”

Another idea of Williams’ is to have a ‘public power hour’ where people can address North Augusta’s city council during the first meeting of every month to talk about any concern they have.

Williams will be sworn-in May 3, 2021.

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