NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Bob Pettit is hanging up his mayoral hat. He’s calling it a personal decision.

He said, “There’s a lot of places that I have not been to in this world that I want to get to. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a couple of young grandchildren who live here and I’m immensely a part of their life.”

Mayor Pettit is not seeking reelection in North Augusta’s general election next year but many things have been accomplished during his tenure. Days after being sworn in, Mayor Pettit signed the bonds to fund the Riverside Village development.

“Proud and pleased to see the stadium completed and it’s a beautiful facility. We got the amphitheater now completed, dedicated, and about to be renamed for Sharon Jones. The infrastructure, the roads, and everything else there is part of it,” said Pettit.

Mayor Pettit has also advocated for the Lock and Dam to remain intact and has searched for solutions to the issues surrounding the Meriwether Monument. But during Pettit’s mayoral term, taxes were raised.

He explained, “We had a modest three mill property tax increase and a one percent hospitality increase from one percent to two percent. That has enabled, in my opinion, for the city to be in a better financial position.”

Two men have filed to run for North Augusta mayor, Stetson Corbitt, and Briton Williams.

“Mayor Pettit has worked hard over the last four years. He has worked tremendously on the Lock and Dam. Has done a ton of effort working with the legislatures on that. Mayor Pettit has worked hard and I thank him for that effort. But I’m running for the future,” said Williams

Williams added that the future includes boosting tourism, “That greenway allows you to go into Riverside Village. Do you imagine how cool it would be to bring the greenway into our downtown using our alley system which the city owns? So now you got people traveling that greenway who can walk, ride their bikes into downtown and go to the local shops and shop and eat all here downtown.”

“I’m hopeful and I believe I have established the processes and the thoughts the way people think effectively transition to the live, work and play atmosphere while maintaining the character and the quality-of-life North Augusta has,” said Pettit.

The primary in North Augusta will be on February 9, 2021, and the general election will happen on April 27.