North Augusta looking at future of transportation in the City


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — North Augusta leaders are looking at the future of transportation in the city.

The City selected AECOM to research the West Martintown Road Corridor back in 2020.
The organization reviewed a number of what could be potential issues including no sidewalks along the entire study area, limited access to businesses within the area, and a lot of left turns at busy intersections. “One of the goals that that City Council has mentioned a couple of times that they wanted to try to find some ways to dress up our, especially at our gateways, uh, coming into the city. The roundabout would be a way that we could achieve some of those goals as well,” Director of Planning & Development Libby Hodges said.

The study stretches more than a mile and is broken down into three different categories for the corridor including near-term, intermediate, and long-term goals. It runs from Knobcone Avenue to just north of Gregory Lake Road. The changes will be made as this area of North Augusta grows.

“These aren’t hard and fast categories. There may be projects depending on when development happens along the corridor. Some of them may get bumped up sooner. Some of them may get bumped down lower,” Hodges added.

Some projects including a traffic signal at Bergen Road and one at the I-20 eastbound off-ramps are already in the works. We’ve learned traffic volumes are expected to grow to 20,000 vehicles per day in some areas and up to 6,800 in others.

Meanwhile, cost estimates for the projects range from 1-million to 2-point 8 million.

No impact fees will be used. “If locally, we do not add any fees basically what ends up happening is it all falls to the developer to do these improvements. So it’s not that the improvements won’t happen. It’s just, we will have no involvement in it. We will have no control over the timing,” she added.

The council is expected to have a work session and then take a vote on possibly adopting the plan in the next few weeks.

The report is several pages long. That information laid out for you here:

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