North Augusta homeowners upset with Army Corps. Lock and Dam decision


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The state of South Carolina plans to sue the Army Corps. of Engineers after they decided to remove the Lock and Dam.

The Savannah River is one of the reasons why North Augusta residents say they moved to North Augusta or developed their homes from the ground up. They say that this decision will ruin the river and that it’s too impactful of a decision made by the Army Corps. of Engineers that they won’t be able to take back.

Susan Campbell lives on the Riverfront, and she says, “I lived in Summerville for 20 years in Augusta. The only reason I bought the property here was that river right there.”

She and her husband Tim got married down in Savannah, spending their honeymoon on the river.

Tim Campbell, Susan’s husband, says “Our honeymoon, part of it was looking out on the ships down there, but I don’t want to see Augusta destroyed to enhance Savannah.”

The river is more than just a view for Tim and Susan. Today, the Army Corps. of Engineers decided to add rock weirs and destroy the Lock and Dam, which will lower the river about two feet.

“It lowers the property value. The quality of life down here. So, I am highly against them lowering the level of the river,” says Susan Campbell.

Mayor Bob Pettit of North Augusta is also in disagreement. He says, “I’m concerned about the water intakes if this rock weir is built at the elevation their talked to because the target demonstration was 5,000 CFS the low flow is 35,000 CFS.”

CFS is Cubic feet per second of water flow. Congressmen Rick Allen and Joe Wilson released a statement with the target demonstration.

In the statement the Congressmen say the state of South Carolina plans to sue the Corps. Homeowners that are impacted are in support of the litigation.

Homeowner, Patricia Clayton, says, “evidently it has to do with money and keeping up the locks. That’s the only thing I think it could possibly be about is money, and this is so much more important than money.”

Homes in the riverfront North Augusta area range from $300,000 to over one million dollars. Residents say that because of this decision, their property values will decrease, but they do consider putting their homes up for sale.

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