North Augusta council leaders getting closer to finalizing budget for amphitheater


NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. – The ball is back rolling after a delay of future plans to bring North Augusta a million dollar amphitheater. North Augusta city council members are now trying to figure out the budget to put the amphitheater construction in action.

“We’ve always looked at is as being connected to the river, and the amphitheater is going to be the final piece that connects it to the river, and that’s so exciting.,” says Bob Pettit, Mayor of North Augusta.

The last time North Augusta city council members discussed the $3.2 million dollar amphitheater, they were skeptical about the construction budget.

“It’s more about exactly what we’re getting for the bid. Now we’re looking at about 1.9 million dollars,” says Mayor Bob Pettit.

So now the proposed budget contractors presented has been reduced by 38 percent. City leaders met against Monday night to review what features can be removed to lower the cost, such as possibly eliminating the splash pad and not adding restrooms.

“Some council members wanted to know a little bit more exactly what it entails and what the various costs were. We have people that are in the construction business in the council, so they dig more deeply into it,” says Mayor Pettit.

Mayor Bob Pettit believes that the new development will fit right in.

“It’s an atmosphere that I think is going to happen. It’s difficult to project and force an atmosphere, but I was down there the other night, and it was just activity and this is just going to compliment that,” says Bob Pettit.

The 600-seat amphitheater will be the center piece of Riverfront Park near SRP park.

the mayor says the community has been very receptive of the idea and city council members are excited for the future of north augusta.

“That’s what people want is to connect with the river. Sit down in the middle of the afternoon, eat your lunch, look at the river.. Just the ambiance, the atmosphere, the opportunity is phenomenal,” says Bob Pettit.

Mayor Pettit tells me as soon as the council approves the contract they will have more information on when the construction of the amphitheater will start. Council members will make their final decision next Monday.

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