North Augusta city leaders looking to provide activities for the city’s growing senior population


Senior adult centers serve as a gateway to connect older adults to community services that can help them stay active. Right now, North Augusta doesn’t have one for its senior citizens.

“Let’s provide an opportunity for them to have a place to gather if they want to,” said Mayor Bob Petit. “Also, have activities.”

Mayor Petit says the North Augusta Council members are surveying the options to serve the city’s older population. The council is looking at a one-year rental or possibly buying a property.

“Do we want a separate building, how can they can they help us with this,” explained Petit. “I think what you just said would be an excellent consideration, how can we tie it in with the renovation of downtown.”

The chairman of “North Augusta Advocates for Senior Citizens” is pushing for the city leaders to obtain a quality space.

“Look at that community center to see how much money is being brought in for rentals, versus what is going to cost the city of North Augusta to rent a facility or purchase one,” said Elizabeth Jones.

Jones told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, her preference is the North Augusta Community Center.

“We want it to be something other than just a place to warehouse senior citizens,” said Jones.

She says that space allows the center to be a multipurpose environment, rather than elders coming in to eat and watch tv.

“Lot’s of people have questions about Medicare,” explained Jones. “Having seminars year around Medicare, so that people who are getting ready to apply to have access to information.”

Mayor Petit adds the proposed senior adult center will be included in the 20-20 budget discussion. He says if it is approved, the project is expected to be developed within the next couple of months.

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