North Augusta City Council searches new properties for fire station


A new fire station is coming to North Augusta, but the location is in question and homeowners are saying “not in my backyard.”

City council tabled the third and final reading to rezone city property for public use.

Since 1991, homeowner, Nancy Gage has lived in her home right on the edge of the historic district.

“It’s a beautiful property in this area, most of the lots are quite large. We have had very little traffic,” says Gage.

That’s more than twenty years, but she says things are changing.

“Now we deal with cars, and trucks, and police cars up and down observatory continuously,” says Gage.

Homeowners living around Observatory Ave. and Georgia Ave. might soon see an increase in response cars.

The city tabled the discussion to rezone property to build a fire station.

North Augusta’s Mayor, Bob Pettit, says “it’s a centrally located area. Council looked at a number of properties. We want to be approximate to the river, but we don’t want to have much of the radius of coverage extend into the river.”

“We don’t feel like they are putting it in the proper place, not in the middle of a historic district,” says Gage.

To build a station big enough to house a ladder truck, the council is working towards finding another location.

Also, they are excluding that property from restrictive building standards called overlay.

“The city is not treating itself differently. It’s complying with the provisions in the code as it’s written to make a change to it,” says Mayor Pettit.

The city agreed to build a public headquarters next to the new station.

Mayor Pettit says this will be the next property in question. 

“Having those new editions put right in the middle of the historic district does not make sense at all,” says Gage.

The proposed locations are where two historic buildings currently stand, the Flythe Property and Carriage House.

Mayor Pettit says they will need to either tear them down, or renovate the buildings.

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