NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- Some people in North Augusta are concerned about a new project, and what it could mean for their neighborhood.

“I believe I speak for everybody in our neighborhood I don’t know if you got the copy of the petition but there’s not one person in our neighborhood that’s for this connect for Pinion Road to the hive” said Jene Norrest who lives in North Augusta.

Developers are planning to build residential homes near Knobcone avenue and West Martintown road. Some people who live in that area say, traffic is a concern.

“I understand that mister paradise is concerned about  alleviating some of the excessive traffic Knobcone but what he’s taking away from Knobcone he’s giving to us and we don’t want it,” said Lorri Hamilton, lives in North Augusta.

The North Augusta City Council held a first hearing for the project Monday night.

“So we took the improvements from the traffic study we looked at all the retail right on hometown and on the back end we added in the traffic from the residential development and we were conservative with that,” said Dillon Turner, Kimely Horn Associates.

Council members approved amendments for the development. It now goes to a second hearing. 

“We are sensitive to that we don’t want to be the big bad developers next door we want to work with them anyway the best way possible also follow the advice of staff and City of North Augusta. We’re excited about this project and we want to do the best job we can for everyone,” said Bobby Bagwell, Developer.