NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- In 2017, North Augusta leaders agreed to a five year master development agreement for Riverside Village.

 “That set out all of the requirements of what the developer needs to do in Riverside village as far as developing everything from the hotel, the parking decks, the stadium. Well when that came due the fifth year, last year we were not actually pleased that everything that we want to be done had not been done yet,” said Mayor Briton Williams.

With the agreement expiring in 2022, Mayor Williams says they want to extend the agreement to continue with growth and developments.

During a second hearing at Monday’s city council meeting, a motion was made to extend the agreement one more year.

“It’s a live, work and play community and you know with SRP park now the Greenjackets are now affiliates  with Atlanta Braves, last year was the number one largest attendance of any minor-league baseball team you know we’re putting in a new boat dock on the amphitheater.”

Some residents spoke in front of council members disagreeing with the motion

 “My concern is for the total population of North Augusta who pays taxes And supporting Riverside Village complex why did you raise the millage rate if you were not concerned about cash flow.” 

Mayor Williams says they will move forward with their plans.

“Citizens could have come forward and spoken and this is our second reading and now that has been approved we have renewed it for another year that is official,” he said.

They’re also panning to add more stores to the shopping plaza in Riverside Village.