Augusta, Ga  (WJBF)  Of course the Masters taking center stage even with a limited number of patrons, however there’s other headlines in Georgia, one an ongoing pandemic and a voting bill that already cost the state a major event.

 Getting together in Augusta, even though for the last year  being concerned about the pandemic has been par for the course.

So any second thoughts about missing the Masters?

“Not at all  I mean this is a once in a life time opportunity you got to come to the Masters doing the COVID  test wearing the mask playing it safe  we got to come here,” said Connor Davis from Los Angeles.

The Masters draws a crowd, which can be a good  environment for a virus.

“Being outdoors I really feel fine about it not concerned at all   of course we’ll have the mask  wash our hands, keep a safe distance, so we’ll feel good,” said Courtney Swift, from Macon.

Others  are not feeling as good about Georgia.

 Baseball moving  the All-Star game out of the state because of the voting bill, but patrons s saying that  does more harm than good during the pandemic.

“There is such a negative economic impact on Atlanta and all the citizens all of the workers that need to be working,” said Elizabeth McKinney an economic developer from Jacksonville.

“Did you worry about politicos at all?”

“No, politics and sports don’t mix got to keep it away sports is sports its entertaining its suppose to be fun,” said Manny Valar from Fort Lauderdale.

“I want to watch golf, I think we’re all here to watch some golf,” said Davis.

So the opportunity to go to the Masters with a restricted  ticket year it certainly  outweighs   the science and the politics. in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.