No one has become poor by helping others: Local high school football coach giving away stimulus check to help the less fortunate


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — No one really knows when America will return to normal. Millions of Americans are banking on to receive their stimulus checks to aid them during the pandemic. During a time like this, we all use a little help.

“We got our stimulus check, and everybody is thinking about how they are spending it,” said DJ Tyson said on Facebook. “For me, I want to do something different with mine.”

Currently, there are 22-million people in the U.S. without jobs.

“If I were in a situation that I didn’t have anything, I would hope and pray that somebody would look out for me,” said Tyson.

DJ Tyson is an assistant football coach for Evans High School and also works at the VA Hospital. He took to Facebook to tell people he is giving his stimulus money to two people who are struggling during this uncertain time.

“It’s not about me, and it’s not about the money,” Tyson said on Facebook. “People are going to see this and say DJ is balling. DJ is not balling like that, don’t get it twisted. DJ wants to bless people because some people need some help.”

Tyson says he knows he’s getting a bi-weekly paycheck; some folks have to rely on the money the U.S Treasury is issuing.

“This was natural for me,” said Tyson. “This something I didn’t have to think about or questioned, it just hit me. I was like this would be an excellent opportunity to impact some people’s lives during these hard times.”

Tyson told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson another person donated their check because his video inspired them. Now, he can help four people.

“We kind of get caught in trying to receive for ourselves,” explained Tyson. “It’s mainly about ourselves, so we forget about everybody and our real reasons why we were placed on this earth.”

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Tyson says the community needs to come together as a team. We should all give our one percent.

“I had a college football coach, and he always said, do your 1-11,” said Tyson. “On the football field means you’re one out of eleven positions. So, if everybody does there job, we will be successful. That’s the approach that I take every day. I do my one percent, and that’s helping the next man that’s in need.”

Tyson says he will continue donating money, essential items, or pay a bill during the pandemic.

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