No new details for paid parking downtown


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) It was way back last winter, when the city’s parking task force made its recommendations for downtown parking, paid parking was suppose to start in July, it’s now September and city leaders still have more questions then answers when it comes to paying to park downtown.

Charging drivers to park in the central business district to create turn over is seen now as something that needs to take place in a growing downtown

“I think it’s overdue, I think it would be good for Augusta it would be good for the government it would be good for the citizens,” says Commissioner Bobby Williams.

The latest plan to charge for parking downtown has been around for months, but city leaders say they’ve basically been left out of any discussions on hours, rates, and enforcement.

“The Commission has only been briefed once officially around I think I was invited to one meeting and that information was very limited,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“We haven’t heard anything since summer started and we know from the last conversation we had on this, this was suppose to be rolled out in July since then we haven’t heard a whole lot,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“I’m not ready to approve anything I need to talk about it I need to understand it I need to know that the people are going to understand it,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

“You know we’ve waited this long I kind of like to see it postponed until after the first of the year let the downtown merchants and people get through the holidays,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

The request to the committee is to move forward with the recommended vendor to come up with the details of the parking management plan, a to include community meetings those details will be be presented to commissioners for final approval at a later date.

City leaders say it’s not a parking space problem downtown it is a parking management problem and city leaders know something has to be done but it will be up to the full commission to decide whether paid parking will be downtown before the end of this year.

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