No mask, no entry into Municipal Building


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Thanks to Mayor Hardie Davis executive order on Friday afternoon, masks are now mandatory in the city of Augusta, even as state leaders say Augusta can’t do it.

Deanthony Hamilton had business at the Municipal Building, and to go in he was required to put on his mask.

“To be honest I think it is a good idea, because a lot of people are getting sick, so it is a good idea to have it where everybody does wear a mask,” said Hamilton.

Monday was the first workday since Mayor Hardie Davis Issued his executive order requiring mask in government buildings and commercial establishments.

We did find some people entering the tag office at the south Augusta customer service center without a mask, but at the Municipal Building where the Marshal is in charge made sure the mandate was being enforced even though it looked like it was not needed.

“Everybody is still wearing their mask so it hasn’t been an issue for us but if they don’t wear a mask they will not be allowed into the building but everybody is wearing their masks,” said Marshal Ramone Lamkin.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is encouraging people to wear masks but not mandating them.

And his office says local masks mandates like Augusta’s cannot be enforced given the governor’s current executive orders.

“It just seems like most of the mayors taken it upon themselves to thumb their noses at the governor we’ll see how it goes, the governor says its unenforceable,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

A lot of people are wearing masks going into government buildings, but if the goal of this mandate was to increase the numbers commissioner Clarke doesn’t believe the mayor’s order will help.

“I will say this I think a lot of people now that the Mayor has mandated it will not do it,” said commissioner Clarke.

Now Augusta city leaders did approve an ordinance mandating masks but then turned around a couple of weeks later and denied it right now a majority of commissioners are on board at least for the next 27 days.

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