AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Some Augusta commissioners are not happy about no action by the city.  

“Number one it’s totally unacceptable, the administrator’s job is to implement the directives of the mayor and commission,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.  

Friday, the deadline passed without the city making an application to the state to try and gain control of the county ambulance zone. The Interim City Administrator said Augusta did not have an ambulance company under contract so it could not apply.

“Did not have the data from a contracted delivery service provider, the information could not be entered, therefore Augusta city did not submit an application,” said Takiyah Douse.  

But on January 25, commissioners voted ten to zero to pursue the zone and some believe that was direction to staff to apply to the state.

“What we have is an attorney, an administrator and a fire chief that was directed to do something and they failed to do it,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

But the interim administrator says the zone was pursued, bids were received, and a contract with Ameripro was recommended for ambulance service.

A decision was not made, the commission did not take any action, and as a result, Augusta does not have a contracted delivery service provider.

“That’s not exactly true, the zone was not pursued, because it’s supposed to be pursued with the state. Secondly, we already had a contract and do have a contract provider which is Gold Cross that fact they have a month-to-month contract is irrelevant,” said Commissioner Mason.  

They were delegated or directed to do a job and they failed to do the job. Insubordination?

“Yes,” said Guilfoyle.

Gold Cross did apply for the zone, raising the possibility the company could be back to commissioners in the coming weeks for new contract talks.

Meanwhile, some reaction to the comments about not going after the ambulance zone. At a late afternoon press conference, Commissioners Johnson, Williams, and Pulliam defended voting in favor of the Ameripro ambulance contract and said the city would have gone after the zone, if that contract had been approved.

“We could have absolutely applied for the zone had Ameripro had the contract, had Gold Cross never given the zone up, could have easier had this done because of bad politics and folks wanting to call bluff we are where we are,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.