Next SPLOST on “20” presidential ballot.


City Administrator Janice Jackson says when it comes to the next special purpose sales tax the city’s vision is 20-20. 
“If we tried to do it sooner than  then we may not be able  do that quality of research and have a good list before the voters,” said the City Administrator. 

The last successful  SPLOST vote was November of 2015, an off- year election and  for Augusta voters it was the only thing on the ballot.
Turnout was less than 18 percent, that won’t be the case in November of 20-20.

“It will be a huge election typically in a presidential election our turnout will be 70 to 80 percent,” said Elections Director Lynn Bailey. 

The last time Augusta held a sales tax vote during a a presidential election was 2004, and  it  was rejected by more than 60 percent of the vote, now Augusta is looking to try again during  a presidential election. 

But city leaders say it’s not when people v that matters, it’s what they are voting on. 

“If they believe the project list truly addresses the real needs of the community the voters are willing to go out and support it.” said Admimistrator Jackson. 

“More people will be going out for sure at that particular day I’m not concerned by the high turnout there’s suspicion the lower the turn out the better chances of approval I think if you put together a good project people will appreciate it just the same,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

 “That means we have a task before us to convince every one to vote in favor of it because it’s beneficial to the community over all,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

  Tougher sell in November?

Probably will be a little tougher. we’ll just have to work a little harder,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Holding the splost vote in march of 2021 may have been a safer bet for the city however  jackson said there were concerns that the sales  collections will end by then and they didn’t want an interruption.

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