EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Each year when the clock hits 12 A.M. on New Year’s Day, fitness centers welcome plenty of new members.

Ken Lynch with Gold’s Gym in Evans says they are expecting to bring in a lot of new customers for 2023, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

“Gold’s Gym is really just about having serious fitness goals and trying to accomplish your dreams with a deadline,” says Lynch. “We realize that most people want to lose weight, tone, firm, and strengthen specific spots or they have specific goals or even anti-aging goals. So we establish our gym as probably the number one gym to help you accomplish those goals.”

And there is always space for people who have never been to a gym before.

“I know sometimes women feel insecure or just nervous about even entering a fitness environment,” Elyana Lynch. “A lot of my girlfriends are a little bit scared to come into the gym just because there’s so many people, but honestly, right here at Gold’s, it’s the best gym family I could ever ask for.”

“Our main thing is we got to make sure that you move more than you eat, and that you come in the gym and focus on the cardiovascular, the strength, and the resistance training that actually will help you burn a ton of calories, which will actually help you go to your goals,”  says Ken Lynch.

Gold’s Gym has added special equipment with a new expansion to its center, making it a safe and healthy environment.

“And then we opened up our movie theater for a more functional training area and to be able to open up our freeway area. and we added some more equipment so we can be able to take care of everyone that comes in the gym,” nsays Lynch.